Food Truck available for private events:

graduation, wedding, birthday, meeting, tailgating, etc.



*Subject to change without notice

Brazilian Beef Stew (Carne de Panela)

Tender stewed top sirloin cooked with potatoes and carrots, & seasoned with a Brazilian touch. Served with toasted cassava flour and a side of yuca fries. **Gluten-free option available


Brazilian Burrito - Pork or Vegan

A tortilla filled with rice, beans, mild Brazilian red pepper and spinach with your choice of pork loin or hearts of palm. Served with a side of yuca fries.


Big Brazilian Empanada (Pastel de Feira)

Deep-fried Brazilian Empanada. Filling choices: cheese and tomato; ham, cheese and tomato; hearts of palm and tomato. **Vegan option available


Feijoada Soup (Sopa de feijoada)

Traditional black beans stewed with bacon, smoked sausage, dry beef and pork loin. 6oz

Side of Yuca Fries


Chicken Bites (Coxinha)

Deep-fried dough with Chicken filling. 7 units


Yuca Fries (Mandioca Frita)

Lightly salted yuca, baked and deep-fried. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.


Stuffed Cheese Puff (Pão de Queijo)

Big Brazilian Cheese Puff, filled with your choice of extra cheese, pulled pork or smoked ham. **Gluten-free


Churros filled whith Dulce de Leche

Brazilian style doghnuts filled with milk caramel and rolled in cinnamon sugar.


Brazilian Chocolate Truffle (Brigadeiro)

Traditional Brazilian Chocolate Truffle. Sweet condensed milk and cocoa powder truffle, rolled in sprinkles. **Gluten-free!




250 University Dr, University Park

Our restaurant remains closed during this pandemic. Stay tuned for an update!


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